How to succeed in France
with Life Science & Medical products ?

France is a key market in LifeScience & Medical products, 2nd or 3rd market in Europe, with more than 200 hospitals, 900 medtech/biotech companies.
But the french market has strong specificities : procurement via public tenders, acquisition syndicates, multiple governmental bodies and changing regulations.
You need a multi-dimension expertise to help you succeed in France in order to adapt your marketing strategy and sales campaign to local needs.

Abaxxi is a consulting company specialized in digital and sales efficiency for LifeScience & Medical products. We help you succeed !

Customer acquisition flow

  • Operational marketing

    Launching a new brand and product in a new market required a well coordinated plan. The positioning has to fit the local needs and all actions need to be focus to create qualified leads. A new product, whatever its value must be backed by a precise action plan to find its market. Abaxxi is an expert in operational marketing and help you to build this operational marketing plan.

  • Business Development

    Selling is to convince in face-to-face that the benefits of your product fit the needs of your clients. The challenge is then to identify the right people, find the way to convince them and manage all the steps from qualification to sign-off. Abaxxi is expert in selling and will help you to find a business success in France.

  • Customer development

    With scientific products, the signature on an acquisition contract is only the first step of your success. Many steps are required to setlle a solution in the market. And you need a pilot able to embrace the scientific dimension of your offer, manage the relationship, analyze the data, organize projects like evaluation study. Abaxxi has worked a lot with such cased with many successes.

Abaxxi consulting

Who are we ?

Abaxxi is a french consulting company, specialized in Sales & commercial strategy. We help industrial companies in developing a strong strategy in marketing and sales in order to overperform on the French market.


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