Customer cases

Customer case

Launch of an Molecular Diagnostic test in France

An US company had developed a molecular diagnostic test used in cancer testing. They wanted to start their business in France. Abaxxi has taken in charge the complete roll-out plan to initiate the business and organize the first steps of success.

Our market assessment has pointed that this test was used in some specific hospitals across the countries, focused on the particular disease of this test.

We have then approached those hospitals, identified the decision maker and organize a series of visit to promote the customer value of the test.
Most of those French hospitals were very keen to add this test in their portfolio of available assays. But they have all required to run a local comparaison study in order to assess the performance with their own samples and settings.

Abaxxi has then coordinated a clinical study across 5 hospitals. We have trained the technical crew, organize the data collection and give help to the data analysis.

This work was a success as the group of scientists decided to publish an academic paper about the assay and present the evaluation study in a large scientific meeting, with very convincing data.

Once installed, the assay would then be put in routine. Abaxxi managed the organization of the answer to the tender, a mandatory requirement for French hospitals. Within18 months, a business of 800 K€ has been created in France with this assay. A route has been paved for further success for this biotech company.

Customer Case

Medical device Business Development

An innovative medical device producer wanted to develop its sales in Europe and especially in France. Its main product was an innovative device able to provide a new level of safety and ease of use by the health practitioner. This product was cutting-edge for its specific surgical application but its cost was above market price. Moreover, our first market assessment showed that the main roadblock was the need of change in the routine work of the physicians. Even if convinced by the added-value of the device, this change was creating a trouble preventing the heath practitioner to use it in routine.

With this situation, Abaxxi has then organized several activities :

With a friendly surgeon, we decided to run a cost/benefit analysis with strong evidence data rom a daily use. We wrote and publish a paper to illustrate this cost/benefit analysis.

With a roadshow accross the country, we presented this analysis to a mix audience of user, health authority and other part of the decision center of the hospitals.

All these actions allowed us to be in a strong position to answer a series of tender, which we won for the most part. We created a remarkable business, much better than expected. With those success, Abaxxi found a distributor in France in order to develop further the presence of this device in the market.

Customer Case

Medical software : how to be successful ?

Abaxxi has IT engineering capabilities that could deliver a first level customer service. In this customer case, we organized and delivered a new business for a medical software publisher.

This software was an IT tool able to better process and use the information in the hospitals, especially in the imaging department, adding values of the medical examination of some specific image.

An US publisher needed an help to promote and sell its software, but as well they needed an help to install & support the integration of the software in the hospitals.

With strong competition over the ability of bringing medical values here, including in-house craftsman software solution, it took us some time to convince the users and the stakeholders to put the software in routine practice: visits, data, tests, meetings. In sales, only persistence pays off. At the end, we signed the first deal of this software license with 3 hospitals. What makes the difference for the users was Abaxxi’s ability to ensure a smooth deployment with local IT support.

Overall, we have created a 750 K€ of business over 3 years.

Customer Case

Technology outsourcing

Ae contracted an international biotech company, called B., which had developed an innovation for pre-clinical assays. This company was eager to establish its technology in Europe, where man R&D labs of pharmaceutical companies can benefit from its added-value.
We established a list of targeted companies with the company B. Abaxxi then identified the decision maker and approached them with a combine offer of commercial and scientific convincing points. We then organized and follow-up the first test of the technology and we worked the management ladder to establish this technology as a solution in an assay part of the preclinical drug development.
Finally, we have negotiated the license agreement around several weeks in order to bring the best deal to B. Several research facilities are now using this technology in routine.